Or even better, Smooth Transition Foods. These foods and recipes are designed to seamlessly replace or upgrade your current food choices that may result in you developing a more lean and radiant body.


Go From: Ultra High Temp Pasteurized Dairy Milk => Pasteurized Dairy Milk => Soy Milk => Pasteurized Almond/Rice/Cashew Mylks => Raw Dairy Milk

Go To => Raw Nut Mylks: Almond, Cashew, Coconut

Grains and Breads: (tortillas, cereal, muffins, pasta, bagels)

Grains: Go To: Quinoa, Millet

Bread Products - Go To: Sprouted Whole Grain Products: You can find sprouted whole grain: bagels, breakfast cereal, bread, muffins, tortillas, pasta. Sprouting not only raises nutritional value of the grain but also makes it more digestible...and whatever we do not burn or eliminate, we store in our body.

Go To=> Flax and other sprouted seed crackers and breads, granolas, trail-mixes

Matt’s BASIC Transition Foods List:


Go From: Soft Pasteurized Cow Dairy Cheeses => Harder Cheeses => Pasteurized Sheep or Goats Milk Cheeses => Raw Sheep or Goat Cheeses

Go To=> Nut Cheezes: made from soaked Cashews, Pine Nuts, Walnuts, etc.

Note: Dairy cheeses are a tough habit to break because of the opiate receptors they activate in our brains- these chemicals are designed to keep the young calf close to momma cow for feeding and protection. So there are other forces at work related to our cravings for foods such as cheese.

Yogurt: While many advocate the health of commercial yogurt due to its cultures and beneficial bacteria, many, including me, do not recommend. This is based upon the fact that yogurt is pasteurized, along with the notion that base dairy is coming from factory farmed cows.

Go to=> Unpasteurized Coconut Kefir Yogurt.

Transition Foods

A Great Transition Food Recipe: Soaked, boiled then simmered quinoa. Light stir-  fry oregano, garlic, tyme, rosemary with julianed carrots and zucchini- in coconut oil.

Sauce: mix the following: juice of 1/2 fresh raw lemon, 1 tbs sprouted tahini, 2 tbs braggs liquid amino’s or nama shoyu.

Optional: Crumble raw sheep or goat feta.

1/2 diced avocado (1/4 inch chunks)

Add all ingredients to cooked quinoa for a hearty, savory, healthy meal.