David Wolfe describes SuperFoods as those foods that have a dozen or more unique properties, not just a few.

Top 10 Superfoods in Wolfe’s Book- the comments after are Matt G’s

  1. Bullet Gogi Berry's: top in TCM for thousands of years, complete protein, polysaccharides

  2. Bullet Hempseed: complete protein, perfect ratio of Omega 3-6-9, digestive friendly

  3. Bullet Maca: ancient mayan root powder: known for adaptogenic and aphrodisiac properties

  4. Bullet Cacao: in its raw form- super high nutritional value- cacao has feel good properties

  5. Bullet AFA Super Blue-Green Algae, Marine Phytoplankton, Spirulina- ‘why fish are healthy’

  6. Bullet Coconuts- Mother natures milk: its water and lipids have incredible human qualities

  7. Bullet Aloe Vera- Essene and Eqyptian Secret of Mortality (David Wolfe)

  8. Bullet Bee Hive Products (raw honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis)- ridiculously healthy

Supporting Cast and Honorable Mentions in Wolfe’s SuperFoods book:

  1. Bullet Acai: omega 3-6-9, high ORAC, low GI, mineral / vit rich, plant sterols

  2. Bullet Camu Camu Berry: highest Vit C of any plant, used as anti-depressant

  3. Bullet Chlorella: highest known chlorophyll content, 60% pure digestible protein

  4. Bullet Incan / Golden Berries: complete protein, promotes intestinal health, immune system bldg

  5. Bullet Kelp- iodine for thyroid, fucose for immune system

  6. Bullet Noni- antioxidant, polysaccharides, immune building, anti-microbial/fungal

  7. Bullet Yacon Root- ultimate low GI/GL sweetener, worlds richest source of FOS (prebiotic)

    Goji        Coconuts    Maca       Aloe        Spirulina       Cacao   Bee Hive     Reishi      Hempseed

Start spinning these foods through your body and watch and feel what happens.