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Our bones and body DO NOT continue to grow throughout our life. We get bigger by putting on muscle, fat, or retaining toxicity and inflammation. The food’s we eat have a profound impact on how lean, fat, puffy, inflamed or bulky our body becomes.

Exercise is critical to health, but not the wise, healthy, or efficient way to maintain a lean body mass. I am certain from my own experience and research that a lean body exists in us all and the superfood nutrition philosophy and approach makes ALL the difference.

The body’s metabolism does slow and as we age and we have less capacity to indulge in high intensity activity such as NBA basketball. But I am older, leaner, and less active than I have been in my entire life. The Chocolate Sundae Paradox explains the dynamics behind this phenomenon.

One of my goals is to educate retired athletes on the notion that weight gain is not natural or necessary ...and superfood nutrition is the key.

The lean body in Shaq’s youth still exists and is accessible to him any time. It is almost entirely about the foods we eat, not our age or level of exercise.

32 years Old at 175 lbs

42 years old at 135 1bs

Lean - Radiance - Endurance - Recovery - Immunity

Elite Athlete SuperFoods and Formulas


Find the Ultimate Water Recipe in The Chocolate Sundae Paradox book or video.

This water is cleansing, hydrating, detoxifying, and will keep you incredibly regular with your eliminations. 

                       TCM Chocolate Cappuccino

Gynostemma Tea- heated to 170 degrees- pour into blender.

1 tPs Goji Berries

1/2 tPs each: Reishi Powder, Cordyceps, Changbai Mtn Ant, Astragalus

1 tBs Mesquite or Lucuma Powder

1 tBs raw Cacao Powder

1/4 tPs Vanilla Powder

3 tBs Yacon Root Extract or Coconut Nectar Sugar or Raw Honey

1/2 cup of a blend of: raw nut mylk and fresh coconut water

Blend and Indulge.

                      Athlete Supreme

3 Cups raw Nut Mylk (almonds, cashews, brazil, hemp)

1 Fresh Coconut - meat and water

1/2 cup fresh Aloe Vera (filleted) or righteous Aloe extract

1 tBs each of: Lucuma, Mesquite, Maca, Noni.

1/2 tPs  each of: Camu Camu, Vanilla Powder

3 tbs Yacon Root Extract or Coconut Nectar Sugar or Raw Honey

Blend all ingredients.

Top with Raw, low fermented Cacao nibs and fresh Blue or Rasp Berries.

Additional / Alternating Ingredients: Bee Pollen, Spirulina,

                                                              AFA Blue-Green Algae   

  SuperFood Salad

Into a high speed blender, add:

1 Medium Tomato or Cucumber

1/2 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar or CoconutVinegar

1 tPs Extra Virgin Unfiltered Raw Coconut Oil

1/4 dehydrated Chipotle Pepper

1/4 tPs Sea Salt, 1/4 raw garlic clove, 1 sprig Oregano

Blend together.

Top with: 1/2 cup raw hemp seeds, cilantro, chives.

Add options: diced cucumber, green onions hemp oil or EVOO, avocado.