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Intro to Superfoods

Where: Venice

When:  Tues Night 7pm - 8:30

                        ~ or ~

             Sun Morning 11:30 to 1pm

Cost?    $50

Class Outline:

Superfood Snacks:

  1. Bullet Samples of the Chocolate Sundae Paradox, Chia Parfait, raw nut mylks (cacao, vegan, reishi), coconut water kefir, TCM herbs.


  1. Bullet Eating for Beauty: Mother Natures beautifying foods and supporting cast. Top superfood inside/out play for skin. Top superfood for eye’s and mental clarity.

  1. Bullet Weight Loss: The calorie myth. Slimming Superfoods, Transition Foods. Its your food choices, and how their processed and prepared.

  2. Bullet Diets: Discussion on: paleo, macrobiotic, raw, atkins, mediterranean,

  1. Bullet Myths: Protein, Fats / Oils, Calorie, Green Tea, Exercise, Sugars.

  1. Bullet Digestion: Immune System supporting foods and drinks. My #1 Gas reducing food. Activating peristaltic waves. Download on detox.

  1. Bullet Food Psyche: Eating for pleasure vs eating for hapiness- The coolest in habit / behavior transformation for self and others. Be-friending the subconscious.

Prosperity     -        Abundance     -       Radiance

Catered w/ Feel Good Lounge Elixirs

...In Pursuit of Radiant Health

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Prosperity     -        Abundance     -       Radiance