Euphoria Herb- American Ginseng


I was looking for something to chew on to satiate my desire to eat, when I was not technically hungry. This typically occurs when I am stressed or working on a hard or creative project.

Chewing and eating is a natural and primal stress relief because it fulfills our primal / genetic starvation concern. Chewing also releases feel good chemicals in the brain, such as dopamine. It is no wonder we overeat.

I wanted to find a healthy food or herb to chew and I researched ginseng. It turns out American ginseng has a yin / cooling effect which is perfect for the fast paced western life style.

I found a clean and reputable source in China town in downtown Los Angeles. I bought the American ginseng that looks just like that in the photo directly above.

Not only did it fulfill my quest to meet my oral fixation, but the feeling response I experienced from the herb was incredible.

I immediately thought- this is the Euphoria Herb. It is a mild, calming, yet energizing and promotes clarity.

Ginseng has been considered the king of herbs for thousands of years in TCM, and after one chews it roots, it is no wonder why.