About Matt Gaffney

I grew up on the standard American diet (SAD) and my body in the left photo(s) is a reflection of it. I literally did not lose my baby fat until I was 35.

I went from being the pizza and burger connoisseur of Los Angeles to a superfood and health connoisseur.

If you want to be lean, your food choices are the path. Exercise is important to maintain radiant health, but it is not the efficient or practical way to stay lean.

Above: 28 to 34 years old: Standard American Diet

Weight loss and maintaining a lean body is almost ENTIRELY based on the foods you spin through your body.

Exercise is important for optimum health but not a wise primary source for creating a lean and radiant body. I found exercising to regulate body fat to be a zero sum game.

Recently at 42 years old: Superfoodist